Hi Love ! I’m Linh Ngo, a Vietnamese living in The Philippines (for now). I’m currently working in Finance for a US company. I have passion for travelling and exploring that why I left Vietnam in 2012 and relocated to Manila, Philippines ever since. Travelling with 3rd world passport is never being easy but somehow it is full of excitement and experiment getting my tourist visa stick on.

Fernweh By Linh Ngo

To share my experiences, I created a blog Fernweh By Linh Ngo at www.bylinhngo.com . Fernweh (Feirn-veyh) means having an itchy feed to foreign countries, craving for travel. I do love blogging about fashion and life style sometimes.

My motto is travel is not a competition, but a personal experience. I travel to taste the life, to reach out the world, to make memory and to learn about people. I remember the girl who helped me taking a cab and gave a careful instruction to driver to make sure I’m home safe on our 1st met. I remember all beer parties I had with those friends from different countries, who now are travelling around the world. I was inspired by an Australian guy who quit a paper job and now being a very famous DJ in Tokyo. I haven’t been everywhere but it is on my list. See you guy around!