How to make your hair grow longer and faster

Hi guys,

Today im gonna share you guys about my products Im using to make my hair grow longer and faster. Actually my hair grow faster than the others but after got my hair cut, I missed my long hair to dead ( LOL girl issues ). And here are all products :

1. Lee stafford hair growth

I have used these products around 5-8 weeks i think. It help growing hair faster than ever, esp my bangs. Around that time, my bang was grown atleast 4cm ^0^ it was awesome !!!!!!! And i found that The treatment cream is much more effective than shampoo and conditioner. Now im still using the treament , for shampoo i choose Loreal brand

2. Moroccan Argan Oil

To add more effective in growing hair and recover my damaged hair after coloring, im using also Argan oil. The product claims itself that “promotes hair advancement and restores damaged hair”

3. TRESemme Smooth and Shine treament
This one i just start using around 1 month but its amazing in making your hair smoother. I think you guys should try this product also , yup you know right , longer hair is not enought, it should be smooth and healthy as well 😀 

And now is my proof =)) 

At the back – start using Lee Stafford


In front – after using those product around 1 month – my bangs getting longer


After done my hair cut – this pic was taken on 3rd week of Dec


And Now – My bangs was cut 2 times 




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