Acuatico Beach Resort Batangas

Ever since when I was a kid, the beach is always one of the most favorite destination of mine. I know that I am a beach girl, not really mountain one. 2 weeks ago I asked Di my hubby let go to Batangas and spent our weekend in Acuatico Beach Resort Laiya beach for a fun (and romantic ) getaway together.

There are a lot of thing to do on this beautiful beach resort like island hopping, kayaking, jet skiing, volleyball on the beach etc. you name it. Laiya beach is known for its clean clear water and fine sand, but there is more to it than just that. You may fall in love with the people there in Batangas and it will make you want to visit more.

To be honest the rate of Acuatico Beach Resort is quite pricey. However, I didn’t hesitate splurging on this resort with their Pool side room because we wanted to have a relax, fun and romantic getaway. One of the love thing about Acuatico is their crystal blue stunning infinity pool faced to Laiya beach.

Infinity Pool face to Laiya beach

Reception area
That is our room
view from our room to the pool

Enjoy a leisurely swim in their infinity pool with matching drinks at that floating bar

remember the part I said about Romantic 😉

Dining room area

I miss their spawn with spicy crab sauce which included in their dinner buffet for PHP900/person
isn’t it beautiful

How to get to Acuatico Beach Resort

1. Go to ALPS Bus terminal Araneta Center-Cubao
2. Take ALPS bus to San Juan Batangas (PHP198)
3. Arrive after 4hours, take a jeepneys (PHP35) bound for Laiya in front of the Municipal Hall. You can also ride a tricycle to get Acuatico Beach Resort but will cost you few hundred Peso.

Check their rate and availability here:



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